How I use a ND Graduated filter to capture the sunrise

What is a ND Graduated filter? ND stands for Neutral Density, this basically means it will not alter anything but the amount of light that can enter your camera, and a Graduated ND Filter, is one that graduates from dark to light. Why would we want a filter that did this… Mostly used in Landscape Photography, often in the scene you will be shooting the amount of light above the horizon is brighter than the light in your foreground, so you need to use a filter like sunglasses over the top half of you image to ‘balance the light’ and get a properly exposed image.

A little trick I use

The Nikon 14-24mm lens is a great lens, but it has one MAJOR drawback… because of it’s design it does not take a normal screw in filter. This means that you have to buy a specific filter system for this lens. I have the Lee SW-150 filter kit and it is great, but also has a drawback, they only make ND Grad filters. There are times when I would like a solid ND or a CPL. You can get these if you were to purchase yet another third party filter for this lens, but they usually only make a CPL and ND, not ND grads… so you end up having to spend a stack on additional third party filters, and then having to carry it all around!