Fuji X-E1 (aka “the Sexy One”)

Fuji X-E1

I think it looks pretty sexy, and it sure does take a great photo. With so many mirrorless cameras on the market it is becoming harder to decide what one is for you! I had a battle going on in my head between the Fuji Xpro1 and the Sony NEX7, then Fuji came out and announced the release of the X-E1, which is basically an Xpro1 in a smaller body. I love the retro look, so many people ask me if it’s a film camera when they first see it. You can check out my Fuji X-E1 page HERE

Want One?   Buy your X-E1 HERE

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Nikon D800


The D800 is  my main body. It oozes megapixels and has the image quality I dreamed of for so long. As for lenses I have a page where I show you MY KIT. You will usually find my 14-24mm lens on the the D800. I have fallen in love with this lens and use it for most of my landscape shots. The only problem with the D800 is that it is a DSLR, so it weighs more than I would like, so I use my Fuji X-E1 unless I am going out on a more serious shoot. You can read my D800 page HERE

Want One? buy your D800 here

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Hassalblad Xpan

Hasselblad Xpan

I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this one. I bumped into a Fine Art photographer on location and he was using a 6×17 panoramic film camera. I got inspired and thought about buying one until I found how much they are, there is no way I can justify it so I went for the 35mm Hassalblad Xpan film camera instead. I use Fuji Velvia 50 in it and have had some good results, and a lot of learning too.

You can visit my Xpan page HERE

Want One? I found mine on eBay

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Panasonic Lumix FT-3

Lumix FT-3

I bought this at the airport duty free… you know, one of those impulse buys when you’re waiting for your flight. I do a little bit of scuba and I was hoping this would be good for that, it’s okay, certainly a lot harder to adjust on the fly unlike my DSLR but I wasn’t serious enough to buy an underwater case for my Nikon. In fact. before this Lumix underwater camera, I had a little Canon that was rated to 10m, and I had taken it diving, down to about 15m and it worked fine.. but I was worried, so when I saw the panasonic Lumix I for some reason thought it went MUCH deeper than the Canon, but it doesn’t, it is rated to 12m, and let me tell you, at 12 metres underwater the pressure just locks all the button on and it won’t work…. so I had to buy an underwater case for it. With the case the Lumix is great.. it does fog up a little if I take too many pics with the flash or use video, otherwise it is perfect for a little underwater photography. It works great as the family point and shoot too… in addition to waterproof, it’s shockproof, so we can take it to the pool, beach, just about anywhere and not worry about it.

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Cameras I have used

Nikon D700

Nikon D700

I really liked the D700. It was the first Full Frame Camera body I ever owned. After get the D800 though I just wasn’t using it anymore so it had to go. A lot of my images were taken with this camera before I sold it. If you’re after a full frame camera and don’t need 36 megapixles (really, who needs 36mp? for me, it was more of a want than a need!), then the D700 would be my pick… The D700 would be better than the D800 for weddings and stuff like that in my opinion. The only gripe I had with the D700 was it only has 95% coverage in the viewfinder.

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Nikon D300

Nikon D300

The D300 was the first real serious DSLR I had bought… I had never spent so much on a camera body before. Unlike the D700 and D800, the D300 is a cropped sensor DSLR or DX format. This is not a great issue… but most manufacturers only had made real pro lenses for their full frame bodies. The other issue is that the full frame sensors are normally a higher end body, and thus will have better noise handling qualities and more buttons! I know, it sounds silly, but the more of the menu I can get out of the camera and accessible via a button, the easier it is for me!