SOLD – Hasselblad Xpan in mint condition

I have only owned this camera for a short time. I ran into a landscape photographer at Long Jetty one sunset and he was using a 6×17 film camera, and this got me excited about shooting landscape panoramic images on film. When I got back home and did my research I soon found out that a 6×17 camera was going to be $5k plus… It was during my research that I found out a lot of people had opted for the Hasselblad Xpan.

The Hasselblad Xpan is a panoramic camera and it only needs 35mm film. On a roll of 36 shots I get 21 exposures. This is due to the way the hasselblad works, it basically takes an image using two frames of film. You can use it like a normal 35mm camera too if you want, the flick of a switch is all it takes.

This particular camera is rare, and especially in this condition… You can see the condition of this camera for yourself. The photo’s of the camera were all taken on the 9th Feb 2013. It will automatically change photo’s every 3 seconds or you can click on the arrows to go forward or back. There is a total of 27 images.

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This Xpan works flawlessly and will be great for anyone wanting to shoot panoramic film images.

Here are a bunch of photo’s I took with this Xpan. These were all taken using Fuji Velvia 50

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