My top 10 Australian Photography Locations

Most of the posts on this blog are a result of me asking you what you wanted me to write about. If you’re one of the awesome people that subscribe to my newsletter, you would have been asked, or will be asked to tell me what you want me to write about.

Recently, the suggestion to put a ‘Top Australia Photography Locations’ post together was made along with a couple of others on a similar angle ’10 must shoot locations for 2015′ and ‘Photography Travel Destinations’. I decided to combine all of these ideas into a “10 Australian Photography Locations to put on your Bucket List’ post.

The list I have put together is from my own personal bucket list of places I want to travel to with my camera, some I have been lucky enough to have ticked off as completed, most I am yet to visit. Also, these locations are in no particular order.

I will use my photos as an example if I have been there, if not, I will use another photographers image and give the appropriate credit and links so you can visit their site too!

1. Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, Tasmania

I loved this location. Tasmania is an amazing place to visit and has so many great locations. Cradle Mountain was on my bucket list for a few years before I got there. I highly recommend a visit here along with a road trip in Tassie to catch some of the other top spots to photograph in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake Tasmania

Photo Credit: Ben Fewtrell

2. Sydney Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Okay, I am biased on this one! Sydney Harbour would have to be one of the top ‘must shoot’ photography locations in Australia. I have shot the harbour from so many different angles and still keep coming up with new ideas.

Sydney Harbour Photography Location

Photo Credit: Ben Fewtrell

3. Uluru, NT

I have lived in Australia all my life and have travelled a fair bit, sadly, I have not yet been to Uluru. It is on my bucket list and I hope to tick this one of in 2015!

Uluru is a Photography Location

Photo Credit:

4. The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Rd, Victoria

I visited the 12 Apostles many years ago before I was a real photography nut. I would have some happy snaps from here, but not any serious landscape shots so it is back on my bucket list of photography locations to shoot.

The 12 Apostles

Photo Credit: Mark Gray – One of Australia’s Leading landscape Photographers – Check out his website for some stunning images!

5. The Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek, NT

The Devils Marbles, also known as Karlu Karlu, are culturally and spiritually significant objects of the local Aboriginal people. These rocks started forming 1.7 billion years ago and are another rock formation that is on my list that I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet.


Photo Credit: Beau Mitchell – If you want to get this photo as your desktop, Beau kindly has it as a free download on his website CLICK HERE

6. The Pinnacles, WA

Best visited from August to October, as the days are mild and wildflowers start to bloom.This is an area of Australia I would love to travel to and photograph.


Photo Credit: Australia Landsape Photographer Beau Mitchell – Check out his website for some stunning images!

7. The Flinders Ranges, SA

The Flinders Rangers are the largest mountain range in South Australia. Another ‘must visit’ spot for me.


Photo Credit: Australian landscape Photographer Chris Morrison – Check out his website for some stunning images!

8. Craigs Hut, Mount Buller, VIC

I have seen many fantastic photos from here at different times of the year. This is one of those locations that you can visit in different seasons and get very different shots. On my list of ‘must shoot’.


Photo Credit: Mark Gray – One of Australia’s Leading landscape Photographers – Check out his website for some stunning images!

9. Tessellated pavement, Lufra, Eaglehawk Neck, Tas

An interesting criss cross pattern makes this a sight I want to see. The most well known tessellated pavement is in Tasmania. I am planning on visiting here in 2015.

Tesselated Pavement

Photo Credit: Luke O’Brien – I met Luke at a workshop I attended in Tasmania. He is a Tasmanian Landscape Photographer you should follow. CLICK HERE to visit his website

10. The 3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, NSW

Another one of my favourite spots. We don’t have a lot of mountain country in Australia, but the Blue Mountains makes up for it! The 3 Sisters is a must shoot for any Australian Photographer

The Three Sisters Katoomba

Photo Credit: Ben Fewtrell

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