10 Photography Tips

For the next 10 blog posts I am going to be giving you a Photography tip in each post that will hopefully help you improve your photography. These are not in any particular order, they are just 10 things I think are important as a photographer. Things you need to think about, or learn about, or get better at.

Tip #1: Understanding Exposure.

The number one question I get is “what settings should I” use or “what settings did I use”, as if the settings are going to be the same for every circumstance. The reality of photography is that the settings are going to be different for just about every scenario. Sure there are going to be some similarities but unlikely they would be exactly the same each time.

For example, if you want silky smooth waterfalls you want a slow shutter speed. If you are taking photos of sport and you want sharp images of things that are moving fast you want a fast shutter speed. But overall that shutter speed will still change even in those two examples depending on the circumstances. The amount of light, the amount of movement, the effect that you’re after. The only way to be able to understand what settings you should use is by understanding exposure.

Now what does “understanding exposure” mean? Exposure is one of those things.. Its about getting the image right, the right amount of light. Thats all exposure is, its the right amount of light to expose your photo correctly. To have what you expect come out on the camera sensor. There are three parts to exposure that you need to understand. I call it the Bermuda Triangle of Photography because it’s where most photographers get lost. That is these three things: the correlation between ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and aperture. All of these three things work together in unison to create an exposure.

By understanding exposure you can start to have creative control over your camera. While you have your camera in auto, the camera is making decisions for you, and you aren’t going to get the best result. Get your camera out of auto, put it into manual or one of the other priority modes like aperture or shutter priority and start playing around.

Today’s iCandy – TramWRECK

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