In the last six to twelve months I’ve noticed a increase in the number of landscape photography vloggers or youtubers and I don’t know if that’s because I’m looking at it more or if it’s because there just is more. There are definitely a few that really dominate when it comes to subscribers and are more mainstream but I think that there a lot that don’t have the number of subscribers that they should. In this article I’m going to go through 10 YouTube photographer vloggers that I think you should be subscribing to.

Now, I haven’t put these in any particular order- the list is not ranked by who I like the most or least. They are mostly in random order except you may notice I am Although I am bit biased in that I have included five Australian photography YouTubers on the list.

If you find any new Youtubers you like in this article, head on over to their channel, subscribe , and let them know that Ben sent you!

1) Steven Hanna – Photographer from Northern Ireland

I have mentioned Steven before, giving him a shout out not just on my YouTube channel but on my other social media accounts as well. Steven is a great guy who does some really interesting landscape photography up in Northern Ireland. The landscape those of you in the UK get to shoot can be absolutely beautiful but I will say that photographers there have to deal with some really atrocious weather compared to the weather we have here. Honestly, when I watch some of you struggling with the weather there I think that if it were me I’d probably not even go out or just pack my gear and go home. I love Steven’s vlog and am impressed with all the fantastic shots he gets regardless of weather conditions.

2) Gary Gough- Photographer from England

Hailing from the UK, Gary has also had a shout out on my channel so you may have heard me mention him before. The thing I love about Gary is he’s got a wonderful sense of humour, is a great down-to-earth guy who is a fantastic photographer and goes to some really great locations. One thing he does like to boast about is his good looks; if you check out the about tab on his channel he does mention he is a good looking guy so head on over to his channel to bask in all his beauty. Once again , if you head on over there let him know that Ben sent you.

3) Gareth Danks – Photographer from South Wales

Another one from the UK is Gareth Danks. Gareth is one of those YouTubers that doesn’t have as many subscribers as he deserves. His content and the quality of his content is really good as well as the audio and locations in his videos. He is a great vlogger and I believe should be getting way more attention. So, head on over to his channel and check out some of his videos – like I said he goes to some really great and interesting locations which I think you’ll enjoy watching.

4) Adam Gibbs – Photographer from Canada

Alright, now we’re heading across to Canada where Adam Gibbs is from. Adam is another guy with a great sense of humour, the way he approaches things in his videos definitely adds some comedy to them and we get to see some great content. He also gets to shoot at some really cool places out in Western Canada and I love getting to see what he’s up to. Adam is one YouTuber you should be subscribing too so go check out his channel.

5) Rachel Lerch – Photographer from Canada

Rachel is a very driven photographer who is constantly creating some really amazing content. I love getting to see the interesting places she visits, especially when it’s the dead of summer here and she’s heading out into snow covered landscapes. The quality of her videos is also great- she uses a stabilizer for her vlogging which creates some very smooth video quality. I think you’ll enjoy what Rachel is up to so go on over and check out her channel and let her know that I sent you.

6) Andrew Marr – Photographer from Australia

Most of those that have been following me for a bit will probably recognize Andrew Marr from a collaboration we have done as well as the times that I have mentioned him on my channel. Andrew is on the West Coast of Australia where the landscape is very different to the landscape where I am on the East Coast. Andrew’s vlogs have a very cinematic feeling to them and even his reviews are very cinematic making them enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I think the energy he puts into all his videos makes for some great content that you’ll enjoy so head on over to his channel and check it out.

7) Andrew Dawes -Photographer from NSW, Australia

Another Andrew on the list is Andrew Dawes. Andrew is a fantastic photographer from around the Port Stephens area but you will see travels quite a bit. His vlog is full of really interesting places he’s visited like India, Norway and Iceland. If you already subscribe to Andrew Marr, who I mentioned above, you may recognize Andrew from a Tassie trip that they were on together a few months back. Andrew has some really great content and I think you won’t be disappointed if you head on over to his channel and check out some of his videos.

8) Colin Stalker – Photographer from NSW, Australia

Next on the list is another photographer from up around the Port Stephens area. Colin is a great, down-to-earth Aussie guy who produces some really enjoyable content. If your from Australia Colin is a great vlogger to follow as you get to see some great local spots to shoot. Colin definitely doesn’t have as many subscribers as I think he deserves and I think if you check out his videos you’ll find them as enjoyable as I do.

9) Adam Dyson – Photographer from Victoria, Australia

Adam is a really interesting photographer based out of Melbourne. Again, Adam is another vlogger that I feel doesn’t have as many subscribers as he deserves. He has some great content and some interesting vlogs where you see into his #Vanlife. Aside from being a great photographer, Adam has a lot of great reviews, tutorials, and tips on his channel. Take a look at some of his vlogs cause I think you’ll really enjoy them and don’t forget to subscribe.

10) Ian Smissen – Photographer from Victoria, Australia

I first discovered Ian when he was doing a 52 week challenge where he was posting the photos he was taking as he was doing challenges on YouTube, there’s a bunch of different types of photography and challenges that are really interesting to watch. Ian is a great guy who has a very straightforward approach in his videos by explaining exactly what he is doing, how he is shooting, and will take you through different scenarios as he is shooting which I think is very helpful. Head on over to his channel and check out some of his videos, maybe even consider trying the 52 week challenge yourself.

So there’s ten photography vloggers that I think you should be following right now. Let’s share some of the YouTube love and take a few minutes to go and hit the subscribe button on their channels as I’m sure you are going to enjoy watching their content. Leave a comment as well if there are any photography vloggers that you’ve really enjoyed and maybe most won’t even know about and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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