Photography Hot Spots

One of the challenges every photographer will face, is what do I take a photo of next?? No matter what your style of photography is at some stage you will hit this hurdle. For me, I am always looking for cool and interesting locations to shoot landscape photography, and whilst google maps is helpful, it is limited. I was referred to Rob Potters’ site, Photography Hot Spots and found it helpful… you may too! Photography Hot Spots is a photo location sharing site, dedicated to helping you find and share the greatest photography locations within our beautiful country, Australia. In Photography Hot Spots you can post and share your amazing photography locations that you have captured as well as look through the Hot Spots posted by others to help you plan your next photography outing. Check it out at

The Daily Pic – 1154

I took this on my trip to Perth earlier in the year, this is the front entrance to the Fremantle Prison… see if you can work out why I have named this pic “1154”… enjoy!



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