2015 Australian weather calendarProud to be one of 13 Photographers out of 800 selected to be in the 2015 Australian Weather Calendar

I haven’t entered many photo competitions. I don’t know why, it has never really been a priority for me. I find a lot of photo competitions to be popularity contests, and find myself being invited to ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ someones image more often these days with the growth of online sites and Facebook pages running competitions to drive traffic to them.

When I spotted the opportunity to submit an image for the Australian Weather Calendar, it appealed to me. Here was a good old honest contest. I had to submit my photo and have it judged independently by the team at www.bom.gov.au – to me, this appealed. They did not know who I was, nor were they asked to ‘like’ my photo by me.

2015 Australian Weather Calendar

There was no prize money or any prizes for that matter. It was just the reward of knowing that my photo, had been selected from 800 photos as one of the 13 to win.

I was chuffed too that I ended up being selected for March, as my wife’s birthday is in March!

The photo was taken in March 2013, and happened whilst on a tour is Tasmania with a group of Photographers. It was a funny night, we had clear skies, cloud, rain and then clear skies again. I remember some of the group retreating to the van during the rain, I just stood there… I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to shoot this!

Everyone of us that night got some great shots, we were like kids in a candy store! I posted my photo to social media the next day and it went viral pretty much straight away, and has been doing the social media circuit for nearly two years! I can say this is the only photo I have ever taken that has got this much attention.

If you want to grab a copy of the calendar for yourself, you can order it at http://www.bom.gov.au/calendar/

Here’s a ‘Behind the Calendar’ video the Bureau of Meteorology put together.


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