How to use Topaz Clarity, a quick Video Demo

I am a fan of all the Topaz Plugins. I use most of them and it would be very unusual if I processed a photo without using Topaz at all. At the very least I will use Topaz Adjust to bring out detail in certain parts of my image. Topaz Clarity is a relatively new plugin for topaz and is a great tool for really making your images pop.

People are surprised when they ask me how I get the results I do and I tell them it only takes a few minutes, rarely do I worry about Photoshop curves or adjustment layers, I don’t have time to muck around, I like to get my photos processed quickly so I can get on with the rest of my life 😉

In this video I will show you how simple it is to use Topaz Clarity and for the month of October 2014 you can use the coupon code: octclarity and you will get 25% off. You can also download a free trial if you like first to check it out (Highly Recommended) Use THIS LINK please to visit the Topaz Website, that way I get a small referral reward and you get the saving, it’s a win:win !!



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