5 simple projects to encourage you to get your camera out

fiveWeekend photography is a great way for you to improve your photography skills and have fun at the same time. It’s a great way for you to try and experiment new ideas and explore your creative side. Living a busy life can be dull and monotonous. Step outside your desk and your usual routine to try out these 5 creative weekend photography projects that I have compiled for you. You can simply do this at home or by going for a walk in the park

Experiment with self portraits 

Taking self-portraits can be ideal if you would like to test out your skills independently. You can do this alone at home or even outside. You’re going to need a tripod then you can start shooting with your camera. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your lighting, angles and emotions. Use both auto and manual focus when shooting to help you and adjust things later on. When shooting self-portraits it is a good idea to set the timer, adjust your camera settings to take multiple shots even if all you need is one good photo.

Urban Exploration Photography

Old TramsUrban Exploration Photography or also known as Urbanex is the art of finding a subject as you explore the city; it may be an old abandoned building, street vendors, pedestrians and architectural buildings. Cities offer a wide range of fascinating photography subject. You can do this with a friend to keep you company and make shooting more fun and less dangerous as you brave the streets of the city. Find a suitable location where you can choose from different subjects. Make sure that you are familiar with the environment and feel safe walking around.  It is best if you can start early in the morning while the city looks so peaceful until it gets crowded later on the day.

Strangers can used as good subjects

Street photography can be really exciting and using strangers as subjects is perhaps a little scary sometimes. A stranger might not feel comfortable with you taking their photos. It would be nice if you can shoot them candid and just let them know that you need to take photos to build your portfolio.

If taking candid photos isn’t enough for you, try to walk up to strangers and ask permission of you can take their photo. Don’t be afraid to walk up to your subject if you find them interesting enough to take their photograph.


Head somewhere that would make a nice Panoramic Image. Set your camera in Portrait mode on your tripod and shoot several images from left to right, making sure you overlap each image by at least a third to make it easy to stitch them together later, of course, If your camera has panorama mode then use it.

Remarkable View

Panoramas can create some inspiring photos that you could frame and hang in your walls. It provides you to view an image on a much wider angle which is great for landscape photos. You can shoot 2-3 images then merge these photos to create a panoramic shot. Learning panorama photography is simple and fascinating.

Macro_FungiMacro Photography

If you have a Macro lens then this is a fun way to spend a weekend, you can even play with macro photography in your own kitchen by taking photos of your utensils, a coffee bean, grains of sugar and list goes on! A great alternative to a macro lens is extension tubes, these can be a cheap way to get into macro photography.

Enjoy your weekends now with these photography projects!


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