7 Simple Photography Hacks that will amaze you!

Every now and then someone sends me a link to something that is really cool. Today I had an email subscriber send me a link to a video entitled “7 Simple Photography Hacks” and after watching it I had to share it with you!

1. Timelapse Rig Hack

Attaching a go pro to the top of an egg timer that rotates as it counts down the time, the go pro rotates and creates the effect of a much more expensive rig!

2. Arty Filter Hack

A very clever way to create an arty effect. You could do this with so many different materials and I encourage you to experiment to see what you come up with.

3. The Vaseline Hack

I am not sure I want to wipe Vaseline all over my lenses, but a nifty trick you may want to try.

4. Flash Diffuser Hack

This is a great way to create a diffuser that will improve your flash photography out of sight! I spent a couple of hundred dollars for my diffuser!

5. ND Filter Hack

ND Filters are expensive, in the video they show you how to use a welding mask to create a ND Filter on the cheap.

6. String Hack

Anything you can do to increase your chance of a sharp image is a good thing! This hack certainly shows you how to do just that!

7. Bokeh Hack

This is probably my favourite Hack, so simple and effective. You will see what I mean when you watch the video!

If you have any photography hacks you want to share please leave a comment below!

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