Reality Show for Photographers

They have reality show’s for cooks, tattoo artists, singers, performers, designers… why not for photographers (has this been done and I just missed it?) – I am working on this as project for 2013, and rather than it being held on TV, it will all be web based… the public will vote and over 10 weeks, 10 of the finest photographers will battle it out for the number one spot. So here is my first shout out… I need sponsors to make it happen, although winning should be awesome enough, winning a prize will make it even more awesome! If you are keen on talking to me about getting involved (i.e.. giving me stuff to give away) then leave a comment here or shoot me an email at bfewtrell @ me dot com (of course, remove all of the spaces and use a REAL dot!) – if you are a photographer wanting to take part… stay tuned for your entry kit.

Today’s iCandy – QVB

I had heard that you get told off for using a tripod in the QVB, then I read a post from another photographer saying how nice it was they did not seem to care he was using his tripod… so I thought, why not! The whole time I wandered around the QVB no one bothered me about my tripod… it was nice!

Queen Victoria Building

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