First Xpan film is on it’s way to the lab!

Wow! The excitement of sending off film is hard to explain… I sent off my first roll today, I thought I had better see what results I get before running any more film through the Xpan, unlike digital, each time I press the shutter button it costs money!

The Daily Pic – A Rocky Start

‘A Rocky Start’ – I took this from one of my favourite northern beaches locations… the more I shoot on the Northern Beaches of Sydney the more I fall in love with the area (except all the parking meters!) – It was a wet and overcast morning and the sun was having a rocky start to the day… enjoy!

Sydney Northern Beaches

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  1. I love your site. I’m not a photographer, but you’re work is iprinsing me to take this up as a hobby.I also really enjoyed your videos. You’re certainly the expert. Thanks for all the great tips.Aloha, Bob Sommers

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