$2,780,000 for a camera!

Yep! You read it right… that is 2.8 million bucks for a camera, that’s the price a 1923 Leica O-series sold for at auction last Saturday setting a new world record. Apparently only a dozen of these cameras exist in the world today and this one was said to be in good working order. The previous record for the highest price paid for a camera was in 2011 when another Leica O-series sold for approx 1.6 million. So get into your attic and make sure your pop didn’t leave one of these up there… maybe you’re sitting on a gold mine!

The Daily Pic – A Rocky Start

I took this photo the other morning when I was at Turimetta beach for a sunrise shoot. I like the way the sun was rising in between the rocks, I hope you like it too…. enjoy!

Turimetta Beach

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