A Passionate Aussie Landscape Photographer…

It all started when I was a teenager, I can’t even remember why I bought a camera, I just wanted one… I got my first SLR camera before digital cameras even existed! I remember buying it from Cash Converters, I would have been about 17 and it took almost a months’ wages to pay for it! I fell in love with the flexibility of the SLR camera and have been shooting for 20+ years now!

I fell in love with Landscape photography.

Originally I started this blog to have my own gallery to display my photo’s and to give me a reason to get the camera out more often, I had no idea that thousands of people would start following me. I am flattered to say the least… and I am thankful everyday for your support, encouragement and feedback.

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In 2012, I published an eBook, 10 Tips to Better Photo’s and you can download a copy of it for free, you’ll find a link over to the right I think…

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