Is the Adobe Price Cut just lip service?

Yesterday Adobe buckled to pressure from the Australia Tax Enquiry that came about by a government investigation and lowered their prices to be more in line with the US prices. For years we have paid what some call an “Australia Tax” with all sorts of excuses for charging us more for the exact same product.

The Adobe Price Cut will see the monthly membership of the Creative Cloud Suite drop from $62.99 to $49.99 per month (news I was pleased to hear… that saves me $156 a year!) But before you start applauding Adobe, you need to know that they haven’t dropped the price of their boxed software which is what sparked the inquiry in the first place. In fact, it is cheaper to get on a plane, fly to LA and return to Sydney than it is to buy the Adobe Creative Master Collection which carries a price tag some $2000 more than the US equivalent.

Hopefully this is not the last Adobe Price Cut we’ll se in Australia…

Today’s iCandy – Rise and Shine

I took this from the South Pylon on the Harbour Bridge. I had never previously thought of shooting from this spot, I don’t know why? Anyway, I dreamt I was shooting from here one night, maybe it was my subconscious brain! After having dreamt I was here shooting I thought I had better go and have a look. I am glad I did. Below the photo is a little behind the scenes video… nothing too fancy, I recorded the video with my iPhone of me showing you my settings and stuff if you’re interested…

Sydney Opera house

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Here’s the behind the scenes video for the image above

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