Custom Camera Settings

DId you know that on a lot of DSLR’s these days you can set up custom banks of settings. For example, on my D800 I can set up Bank A for HDR and Bank B for Night Photogrpahy and Bank C for portraits etc etc… I am sure you get it! I have 4 different banks I can save a ‘set’ of settings in, and this saves having to change 5 or 6 things each time you are in another shooting environment.

Today’s iCandy – Akaroa Lighthouse

On my last night on New Zealand, my travel agent booked a room in Christchurch, it was interesting to see Christchurch as it was still in a little bit of a mess from the earthquakes. I decided to check out Akaroa, it is only a 80 minute drive from Christchurch. The drive itself was spectacular, and when I arrived in Akaroa I was wishing this is where my last night was booked. It’s a lovely little town and one you should definitely check out should you find yourself in NZ.

Akaroa Lighthouse

Processed in HDR using Photomatix

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