A Successful Photo Walk

I must confess I had never been on a photowalk before, and I wasn’t really very active on google plus either, in fact, I was starting to think that google + was failing!… How wrong was I! In Sydney alone there were 225 photographers that rocked up for the Google Plus down under photowalk and I was impressed with how well organised it was. If you want to find out more about it or see all the pics taken around the country last Saturday then just type #thewalkdownunder into google or if you use google plus you can type it in the search bar of your stream.

The Daily Pic – All Aboard the Google Plus Bus…

There are all sorts of cool things on Cockatoo island and this bus was no exception. It had been covered in Graffiti and I loved the way the colours popped out! I am not sure what happened on Cockatoo island but I think someone, or a bunch of people were let loose with some spray cans, as there is quite a bit of art around the place. Anyway, I hope you like the treatment I gave this photo… enjoy!

Google Plus Bus

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