Creating Realistic HDR

Sometimes I wonder if HDR stands for Horribly Disastrous Results… even when I look back at my first HDR images they make me cringe! I see so many badly processed HDR images and really, it doesn’t take much to get them looking so much better…  So what makes a great HDR image?

HDR is just a process, just like converting an image to black and white, it works with some images and not others, however, you still need to follow the basic fundamentals of photography to create a great image, HDR is not a magical cure that will fix a badly taken photo, if your subject is dull and boring, HDR won’t bring it to life…

Understanding some of the negative side effects of HDR processing will help you learn how to overcome these and end up with much nicer images. There are so many different programs for creating your HDR image, and they all work slightly differently, although, the side effects are similar. The main issues you will suffer are halos, ghosting and noise.

To read the FULL ARTICLE you can do by heading over to HDR One Online Photography Magazine

The Daily Pic – Igloo on the Harbour

Is that an Igloo on the Harbour Foreshore???? It certainly is… and a RED one to boot! I took this during Vivid Sydney, that is why you can also see several photographers down below… they are there to capture the brilliant light displays Sydney Vivid have to offer!

Harbour Igloo

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