La Nina Gone!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, La Nina, which has been responsible for the conditions that have contributed to flooding and heavy rainfall in Australia during the past two years have all but disappeared from the Pacific region. I know that on several occasions I have had to cancel plans due to the wet weather that La Nina had brought us, so I am happy to see the back of this weather phenomena.

The Daily Pic – Another one off the bucket list

Well it wasn’t much of a summer yet I did manage to tick off another thing on the bucket list, I swam in the Indian Ocean. I had been to Perth before but never had taken the time to look around. There certainly is no shortages of beaches in Perth. This pic was taken at Mullaloo Beach, about 30 minutes north of the city and as you can see, La Nina was no where to be seen! I stayed in an apartment opposite the beach and even though outside temps were in the high 20’s, the water wasn’t! It was cold… so I didn’t stay in for long.

SLSC Mullaloo Beach

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