Nature turned on her charm!

The weather looked average at best mid afternoon and I was getting messages through Facebook and Google+ asking me if the walk will still be on, what if it is raining?, people were generally worried this would be a wash out. I was turning up rain, hail or shine, I had been organizing this photowalk for weeks with Rob Potter from photography hot spots and I was not going to miss it! We had planned this exact date due to low tide and sunset converging… Long Reef is a fantastic spot at any time, but get there at low tide and the place just comes to life! There are photogenic rocks and rock pools everywhere!

We had over 20 people turn up for the walk and as always I am was humbled by how many of you want to come out take photo’s with me… it was great to see such a mix of experience, and to see the more experienced helping out the rookies… it was really nice to see some  familiar faces too coming back after my first photowalk in September.

My plan is to squeeze another photowalk in before Christmas, not sure when, and not sure where, but I am keen to make it a walk that finishes with a Christmas dinner and a few drinks for those that would like to stick around and chew the fat!

Capturing the Sunset at Long Reef
Group Shot of the Attendees… a couple had wandered off… but most are in this shot!

Orange Blossom

I actually didn’t take too many photo’s on the walk, I was answering a few questions and helping a couple of people out with settings so they could capture the sunset. I found this one rock that ended up being the star of my show! I would have liked to have walked to the far eastern end of the reef and shoot back over the headland but I didn’t wear my good boots and wasn’t keen on getting my joggers soaked… I will head back next time low tide and sunset meet to see what else I can capture!



Here is another one from the beginning of the walk…


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