Slow shutter blur

One of the downsides of still photography is, well, it is just that, STILL! It is probably preferred in most cases to keep your image sharp, and this is done by making sure your shutter speed is quick enough to stop all the action tack sharp. Having said that, I quite often like the challenge of showing movement in my pics, I think it gives you, the viewer a sense of being caught in the middle of the action. So next time you’re taking pics of a moving subject try and get a part of the image to blur by slowing your shutter speed a little.. you will need to put your camera into shutter priority or time value and play around to see what works… have fun!

The Daily Pic – As Busy as Pitt Street

One of the sayings we use here in Sydney is “It’s as busy as Pitt Street”. And Pitt street is busy! In this shot of Pitt Street Mall I had to wait for the sign to change and press the shutter at that exact time to get the sense of the movement, and on the left of the frame is a guy with a yellow shirt walking through pushing his bicycle past… if you look around you will see things in and out of focus… I think it is a cool effect… I hope you do to…. enjoy!

Pitt Street

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