Auckland Photowalk – 27th March 2013, 6:30pm


What’s a photowalk I hear you ask? It’s an opportunity to hang out with like minded people, chat about all things photography and life in general, and, of course, take a bunch of photo’s! It’s absolutely free to attend and it doesn’t matter what type of camera, or how much or little experience you have.

I have held 4 very successful Photowalks in Sydney in the last year and really enjoyed connecting with you. So this is a great way to meet those of you I usually only see on facebook, google plus and the blog!

During the walk I will explain what I am doing (If you’re interested) and show you what settings I use etc. and you’re welcome to ask any questions you like.

I am finalising details of where we will start and finish the walk, the sketchy details are a 6:30pm start somewhere around Auckland Central. As soon as I have firm details I will create an event so you can register!

I look forward to meeting all my NZ friends soon!



Today’s iCandy – Bragging Rights

Every city in the world seems to have a building it can brag about… and Auckland is no different. At 328 metres the Sky Tower in Auckland is the tallest ‘man made’ structure in NZ. When locals found out I was from Sydney that were quick to tell me it is 19 metres taller than Sydney Tower! Anyway… it’s all fine with me, it’s hard to pick the 19 metre difference…

Sky City NZ

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