Travel Tripods for Landscape Photography

Going away for holidays is fun and as a photographer, it’s even more fun when you know you’re gonna be able to get away and take some fantastic photos. However, it can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to take all of your equipment with you. As a landscape photographer, I like to […]

What Lens should you get for Landscape Photography?

Lenses for Landscape Photography One of the most common questions I get is ‘What lens should I use for landscape photography?’. In this article I explain what lens I use 90% of the time and why. I’ll also explain the other lenses for landscape photography I use when out in the field. Wide Angle Lens […]

9 Reasons to Upgrade to the Nikon D850

You asked me why I upgraded, so I put together this post to go through the 9 key differences. Nothing too technical, these are all things that make using the Nikon D850 easier. I was thinking about the Fuji GFX medium format camera but then as I went through and worked out exactly what it […]

7 Must Have Tools for Landscape Photography

As a landscape Photographer there are several ‘Must Have’ tools in my books. These tools will increase your success as a landscape photographer and while also making it more enjoyable and  your life easier. Check out the seven tools for landscape photography I consider as the bare minimum required for getting great results. 1. Sturdy Tripod […]

Upcoming Event: People with Cameras Creative Space

I am proud to once again support the People with Cameras Creative Space in Sydney. On the day there will be plenty of opportunities to capture photos and video within Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, The Calyx and surrounding CBD, all while meeting people who share a similar passion. Register for what will be an amazing event. […]

Tasmania Photography Workshop

It’s happening again!
I am heading back to Tasmania for another photo workshop with Michael Snedic.
Come and join me and Michael for a fun week of photography at one of the most iconic locations this country has on offer!

Sunset Shoot at Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty Sunset

It is no secret that I have a jetty addiction, and I was super excited when I knew I was heading to WA. Straight away Busselton Jetty went onto my ‘Must Shoot’ list. Watch the video as I take you through my settings, composition and thinking behind taking this image.  

This weeks VLOG  – Sunrise at Taroon Beach in Tasmania with the XT1

Join me this week as I struggle to find a composition I am happy with, not because there was nothing to shoot, but because there was too much choice! I also stack up 3 filters on my 10-24mm Fuji lens using the Lee Seven5 filter kit, overall, I was disappointed with the sunrise, but managed […]

How I find my Photography Locations

Hunting for locations in an unknown area is not always easy, I have been asked a few times how I go about finding my locations. Here’s 6 of my tricks. try them out for yourself. 1. Google Images – I type my location into google and click on the images tab to see what comes up, if I see something I like then the hunt starts. Click on the image and see if it leads you to a location, sometimes it is very difficult to do, and doesn’t work at all, other times it leads me to magical locations… I call it pot luck!