Time to Replace my Manfrotto 55xProB Tripod

I am on the hunt for a new tripod, not that there is a lot wrong with the one I have, But it does have a couple of flaws… There was a time I didn’t even think a tripod was necessary, now I never leave home without it. If you look at other people photo’s and think to yourself “man that is SHARP!” you’re probably looking at a pic that was taken on a tripod, not to say you cannot get a sharp image hand held, but even with image stabilisation built into lenses and the likes, I still get a sharper image when I mount my camera on a tripod. I have had my Manfrotto for a few years now, and it has served me well, although the mechanisms that clamp the legs in position are getting a little stiff (too many close encounters with the sea I think). So why am I looking at upgrading…. well, for starters, the Manfrotto I own is made from some sort of alloy, and it is quite heavy, these days Carbon Fibre tripods are very affordable and they weigh less than the old alloy ones, and they’re more stable to boot! The other issue with an alloy tripod is it gets very cold to handle in the winter. I also have an issue with my ball head drooping in the portrait position, so even if I keep the legs, the head needs to be changed… so I am looking an the Induro range of tripods… they look the goods! Let me know if you have any ideas of a good replacement for me.

The Daily Pic – Barrenjoey Headland

I decided to head to Barrenjoey to hike up to the Lighthouse, The weather wasn’t great but it was a spectacular view and certainly worth it.

Barrenjoey Headland

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