What would you pick?

I see this question often… what is the best all purpose walk around lens. In my opinion there isn’t one, this is why there are so many to choose from. I do have a favourite I will take if I could only take one lens and that is my 50mm f1.4, it is a great lens and on a full frame sensor is the perfect capture just about anything lens. For you folk with cropped sensor, go for a 35mm, it will give you roughly the 50mm equivalent.

Why do I like the 50mm f1.4? – it is light, fast and is good for just about anything, plus… quite a cheap lens too! You will have to move more, as this is a prime lens and will force you to think more about your shot, and in some cases you may have to take 2 or 3 shots and stitch them together later if you’re after something wider.

I am sure there are many different opinions, and all of them will be valid… feel free to leave a comment below and share with me what your ultimate walk around lens is….

Today’s iCandy – Watch your Step

I took this in an abandoned old building in Sydney. It was quite un-nerving as you never new what you would bump into around each corner. I really enjoyed shooting here though and have added my own tag in this picture (using photoshop of course)…can you find it?

Graffiti Art

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