5 composition tips to better photographs

1. Get your horizon level. whilst it can be creative to shoot on an angle, in most cases, a level horizon will make for a more appealing photo. I use a bubble level in my hot shoe to help me keep the camera level.

2. Use the rule of thirds. The basics of this rule is to split your frame into 3rd’s both horizontally and vertically (you will end up with 9 squares). You will line up your main subject or focal point where the lines intersect. If you’re not clear on the rule of thirds google it… you will find lots of info on this one!

3. Frame your shots. You could use a tunnel, a window, an archway or even branches on a tree. Use anything you can to create a ‘frame’ within your shot framing your point of focus or interest.

4. Get down low. When photographing kids and pets… get down on there level, a photo will always look better when you get down to their level.

5. Break the rules! Rules were meant to be broken. Have fun with it and try new things. In this digital age, you won’t even be wasting film so click away and see what you come up with!

Bookworm heaven

I went wandering around Sydney City to see what buildings I could get into to shoot. Unfortunately, most don’t allow photography. This is the Old Sydney Library and I had to shoot it through a glass door. I thought it still made an interesting shot… enjoy!

Click on the photo to order yourself a print or to download (please see licensing for the rules!)

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