We have Arrived…

After many late nights and a lot of hours of mucking around, in just 14 days I have moved the entire site to a new server and had the whole thing redesigned from the ground up! My website can now be viewed on ANY device… that means that you can be on your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Smart TV or whatever device, and on3legs will automatically adjust to give you the best experience! It also knows if you have a new Retina Display and will give you a Pixelicious time (I think I should trademark that!) – try it for yourself… resize your browser and you will see that everything will shuffle around to keep you happy!

I have also had the entire thing re-branded. I hope that this makes your experience here better!

Today’s iCandy – Harbour Glow

This morning I decided to head back to a location I have not been to for nearly a year for sunrise, Blues Point. It’s a favourite of mine for sunrise because with the right conditions the Harbour comes to life. I am pretty happy with what I captured this morning… a little test for you… is this HDR or a single exposure??

Harbour Glow

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