Treated to a stunner sunrise!

On the last day of winter a group of keen photographers met for what was to be one of the best sunrises all Winter! After many successful photowalks, myself and Rob Potter have joined forces as ‘The PhotoWALK Guys‘. The Bronte walk was our first official walk under the new name (Find us On Facebook). I was always hesitant to do a PhotoWALK for sunrise because I thought no one would want to get up so early! Boy… I was wrong! I arrived about 530am (15 minutes early to be safe) and there were already about 20 tripods set up along the beach… as the start time of 545am arrived we had close to 50 photographers in attendance and nature was turning on a spectacular sunrise for us!

The Photowalk Guys

For this walk, Deluxe Art Prints¬†kindly sponsored the event and we were able to give away a couple of vouchers to get one of your photos professionally and beautifully printed. One voucher was given away as a prize for the best photo of the day, everyone had a week to submit their photo’s and myself and Rob chose a winner… and the winner is… Laurence Dryer. Well done to Laurence for this top shot! (Click HERE to visit his Facebook Page).


One very slack photographer!

I want to apologise for the lack of regular blog posts and photo’s. For those of you that have been following the blog for some time now already know that I am in the midst of some pretty heavy duty study for my Commercial Pilots License (CPL). I have been a Pilot for about 20 years and always wanted to gain my CPL and finally decided to get it done. Some of the rules and regs changed early this year bringing the deadline for me to get it done forward by about 7 months, so I have to get my exams completed by 3rd December or I will be re-sitting half of the exams again, not something I am too keen on!

Good news is that l recently passed my 6th written exam with a 95% pass, and I am onto the 7th and FINAL… yes final exam. I am booked in to do it on the 1st October so as long as all goes well… you should see more photo’s and blog posts from me after that date! I will still have to do all my practical flying training and a flight test, but this should not take anywhere near the brain power hitting the books has.

Today’s iCandy – Bronte Sunrise

During the PhotoWALK I only really set up in one spot and took this shot, I took one in landscape and one in portrait, and preferred this one! It was a really nice sunrise and it was fun catching up with so many of you… stay tuned for the next one!

Bronte Beach


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