Of course I packed my camera(s)!

I am sitting in a hotel room as I write this blog post. You see, I am in Canberra Right now. If you’re¬†outside of Australia, Canberra is our nations capital, and is where you find our Parliament House. I decided that after dinner last night I would head out and about with my camera to see what I could capture, and headed up Mount Ainslie to the lookout, I have seen photos from up there before and thought I would give it a go.

It wasn’t that windy in the city, but once I was up the mountain, the wind really picked up and it was difficult (impossible) to get a sharp shot at the focal length I was using. Anyway, I may head up again this afternoon if the winds have settled down.

Here’s the photo that I managed to get, Parliament House is the building at the top of the photo with the Australian Flag on top.

Parliament House

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