Mirrorless is all the rage

The new EOS M is Canon’s first mirrorless EOS camera. Combining the imaging quality of a DSLR with the convenience of a point and shoot, it features an 18MP APS-C sensor. While the idea of a mirrorless camera is not entirely new, the EOS M is Canon’s first step into this particular arena. Although Canon has just entered the ring, they have come out swinging. One of the most noticeable aspects of a mirrorless design is its size; it is portable enough to be carried with you at all times. While not quite as compact as a point and shoot, it is significantly smaller than a DSLR due to the removal of the mirror inside the housing.

You can read the full write up HERE on the B&H website.

The Daily Pic – Palmy Sunburst

Sunrise on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney, this is Barrenjoey lighthouse and the gorgeous Palm beach, I love capturing the first few minutes of the day as the suns rays start to emit from the horizon… enjoy!

Palmy Sunburst

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