9 Tips to better fireworks photo’s

With NYE fast approaching, you may be thinking of capturing your local fireworks display. There are a few ‘essentials’ to capturing fireworks…

1. Use a tripod

A tripod is a must… if you don’t have a tripod you can forget trying to capture the fireworks.

2. Arrive early to grab a good spot

You can be assured that people will stand up in front of you, this is one night where the camera is not going to deter people from blocking your shot, so make sure you get there early and stake your claim!

3. Set your ISO low

Set your camera to it’s base ISO, if you leave it on auto your camera will increase it and you will end up with ‘Noise’ in your images. Most camera’s will let you set ISO to 200, if you can, use ISO100.

4. Use Manual

If your camera has the ability, I suggest turning everything to manual. This way you can have complete control. Set your focus to infinity and your aperture to somewhere between f8 and f16

5. Long Shutter Speeds

Try using different shutter speeds, to capture the light trails you will need  somewhere between 1 and 3 seconds at a minimum.

6. Use Black Cardboard

If your camera has a bulb setting, hold it open and use a black piece of cardboard in front of your lens as the shutter. This way you can get 2 or 3 bursts of fireworks in one frame.

7. Turn OFF your flash

A lot of cameras will automatically flash in the dark… flashers aren’t welcome at any NYE fireworks display… so turn it off…

8. Turn on NR

NR stands for Noise Reduction and if your camera has the ability, set this to on. The only down side of this setting is that it can take longer to save your image to the the memory card, if you find you’re missing the next shot because of this, then turn it off.

9. Use a cable release or the self timer

You want to avoid any vibration in your camera during each exposure, so the best way is to use a cable release (remote), if you don’t have one, then you can use the self timer, the only problem is that usually the minimum time for the self timer is 2 seconds, and you may miss the action… in this case, set your shutter to 30 seconds and use the black cardboard as mentioned in number 6 above.

So there you have it… 9 tips for better fireworks photo’s… HAVE FUN!

Today’s iCandy – Mello Yellow

Sunrise over Bungan Head Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This is a nicely hidden beach that would probably be spared of masses of people as it is a little harder to get to, residents are the only ones aloud to drive down to the beach, for the rest of us mere mortals it is an easy downhill walk in, and a calf muscle busting walk out… enjoy!

Bungan Head Beach

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