Quadcopter, Lights and Fire!

Bradley’s Head¬†PhotoWALK Last Saturday we (The PhotoWALK Guys, aka Ben Fewtrell and Rob Potter) met at Bradley’s Head reserve. 85 People were registered for the walk, and we had around 60 turn up on the day. It was a little bit of mayhem when we arrived, with 3 or 4 weddings in the reserve, it […]

Aerial Photography with the Blade 350QX

A birds eye view I have shared a few shots now that I have taken with my Quadcopter, and it has got a fair bit of attention. These photos are different, and I notice as soon as I post a photo that is different, it gets people talking. The Quadcopter I have is the Blade […]

Photography Tip 4 of 10

Tip #4: Composition is key I think clever composition can make or break a photograph. We can both photograph the same thing, we can both have awesome knowledge about how to take the photo technically, how to use the camera’s technical settings. However, if our composition is different, one photo can be vastly better than […]