Every Dollar of Every Sale Donated!

Raising Money for those affected by the NSW Bush Fires I can’t even imagine how it would feel to be in a bush fire affected area, let alone how it would feel to have your home and possessions destroyed. What I do know is I CAN do something to help… you CAN too! On my […]

New Year… New Site

coming soon! I am working like a busy beaver to upgrade a few things on the blog… I never knew It was going to be this popular when I started, and your first blog post is like your first house, you’re only guessing what your needs are going to be, so when I created the […]

Walking the Wentworth Pass

Tranquility in the Blue Mountains Yesterday I headed to the Blue Mountains with a friend to tackle the Wentworth Pass Track. After heading down from the Wentworth falls picnic area, it is a quick decent into the valley, this track is rated as hard, and whilst I would say it was difficult in some spots, […]

Auto no more…

Understanding Exposure part 3 Yesterday in part 2 I used buckets, water and hoses to explain exposure to you, hopefully you had a chance to read it, if not, I suggest you do so you’re up to speed before jumping into part 3! You will find part 2 HERE Now that you understand a little more […]

Silky Smooth Waterfall

Still getting the hang of the Xpan I have been shooting with both my D800 and my Xpan each time I go out… I was consistently underexposing on the Fuji Velvia so I adjusted the way I was metering, and started to use a light meter to get better at getting the exposure right. My […]

The Three Sisters

Should I run a Photography Class? I have had a lot of people ask me if I run classes… the short answer is no. However, it got me thinking, maybe I could run a session to help some of you understand how to use your camera better. One of the challenges with the modern digital […]

On Track

Icy start to the day This morning was the first morning I had woken to ice on the car… it must have reached freezing last night and whilst in some cities that is  normal, we don’t get that many mornings that are that cold. One of the advantages of winter for the photographer is the sun rise […]

The Three Sisters

Panoramic I love a good panoramic image, if you look at some of our more successful photographers, they are masters at capturing a panoramic image… the digital age has made it easier for us to be able to do the same, I have even got an app on my iPhone that creates panoramic images for […]

One More Zig Zag

Sad to see the Zig Zag railway closed for now… I found out about 2 weeks ago that the Zig Zag railway was closing due to the fact that they could no longer fund the operation. The Steam Train hasn’t operated for some time and now the whole railway was gong to stop. According to […]