9 Reasons to Upgrade to the Nikon D850

You asked me why I upgraded, so I put together this post to go through the 9 key differences. Nothing too technical, these are all things that make using the Nikon D850 easier. I was thinking about the Fuji GFX medium format camera but then as I went through and worked out exactly what it […]

SMDV RFN-4s Wireless Remote Review (aka Vello)

If you’re looking for a wireless shutter release for your Nikon DSLR then I may have just found the best one for you! I have tried them all! And the SMDV RFN4s would have to be the best I have found, it is reliable, easy to use and best of all, the receiver can stay […]

Photography Weekend in Kiama

Bombo Quarry and Cathedral Rocks This trip started out with an idea to capture every lighthouse on the east coast of Australia, still something that I am thinking of doing. Kiama is about 2 hours south of Sydney and has a lighthouse, there are also 2 lighthouses at Wollongong too, so I though I would […]

Nikon D810 unboxing and Initial Impressions review

I took the Nikon D810 for a test run First up, I will give you 5 of my first impressions of the Nikon D810, keeping in mind that I was using a D800 previously. 1. The D810 is much quieter than the D800 2. The autofocus on the D810 is noticeably faster than the D800 […]