Topaz Studio – A Free Photo Editor

A little while back, Topaz Labs contacted me and asked if I want to be involved in a beta group for a new product. I already have a love affair with the Topaz Labs plugins that work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, in particular, Topaz Adjust. So I thought “why not?” and promptly raised my hand to be involved.

Why I love Topaz Adjust

New Topaz page for Adjust If you’re looking for a way to make your images POP then Topaz Adjust is the tool you’re looking for. I use it on 90% of my photos, especially if I have used HDR. HDR tends to flatten the image a little and I find that Topaz Adjust will bring […]

I closed my Smugmug account!

To Smugmug or Not… that is the question! Since starting this blog some 2 years ago, I have tried a couple of different option for hosting photos online. I started with an Australian company called Photomerchant, they were good but limited, and after reading other reviews and seeing people like Trey Ratcliff utilise Smugmug (and […]

Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing the Right Camera There are so many different options available today in the camera market. From the smaller point and shoot to  the mirrorless range thats newly come out in the last couple of years, and then you’ve got your digital SLRs which are the larger chunkier cameras.   When buying your camera there […]

What’s in my Camera Bag?

A common question I will attempt to answer Where do I start? You see, it depends totally on what I am heading out to shoot, how long I will be, how far I have to hike and how certain I am about what I am shooting. When I first started in Photography, I would just […]

Some Favourites of 2013

Happy New Year Tonight I will be celebrating 2013 in Sydney with my camera pointed at the Harbour to catch what will be a magnificent Firework display (or three) with a bunch of friends I have met during my photojourney! Thanks to each and everyone of you for a great year, here are some of […]

Nikon D800 v Sony A7

Which one is better? Wow, Sony have done a great job of launching their new A7 Full Frame mirrorless camera. I have personally seen several people sell their current DSLR to fund the order of a new Sony A7. Is this the move to make or are you smarter to stick with the tried and […]

Topaz mega Discount!

Black Friday sale will save you 48% Topaz have announced an amazing sale, and it’s available until December 2nd. You can get the COMPLETE Topaz bundle, normally $379.99 for just $199! I love topaz plugins and use them on just about every image I process, they’re the best value for money plug ins you’ll find […]

HDR Video Tutorial

I love getting your feedback! I was asked by a lot of people the help them learn HDR. There are a few tutorials on the web but most of them are a lot more comprehensive that what you need to learn the basics. They say they have hours and hours of lessons, but really they […]