Gariz Leather Case for the Fuji X-T1

One of the sexiest cases on the planet! I know it’s one of the biggest claims I have EVER made! But this case is SEXY! There is no other way to describe it. I also got their gun-shot shoulder strap, and this basically works the same as a blackrapid strap, allowing you to hang the camera […]

Photography Tip 10 of 10

Tip #10: Try a prime lens When you buy a camera in a kit there are normally a couple of lenses. Those lenses are usually zoom lenses, you’ll get something like an 18-55mm and a 55-200mm. A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom, its a fixed focal length. If you could only […]

Fuji XE1 RAW file for download

I was asked to share one of my XE1 Raw files… Sure… I have no problem with that! Just make sure you’re happy with my Licensing rules first. If you’re not happy with my rules then just don’t download it… if you promise to play nice… then just click on the download button… warning, it […]

Fuji X-E1 Raw files

Forget the Fuji raw converter… I think I already had said somewhere here that the Fuji raw converter is about as much fun as giving yourself root canal therapy! During the past week I upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS6 and that includes the new Camera Raw that handles the Fuji .RAF raw files with ease… […]

Over 3000 likes and counting!

Beautiful Fiji I posted a photo on the Tourism Fiji Facebook page that I had taken when I was on my annual holiday. I just love Fiji and wanted to share one of the many fantastic sunsets I shot whilst I was there. This image has been so popular it has over three thousand people […]

Fuji X-E1 and HDR

Your questions answered… A lot of people must be considering the X-E1 as their next camera… maybe you are too! I get over 100 hits a day on my blog with the X-E1 in the search term and I have had over a dozen requests to test my X-E1 out doing HDR and to post […]

Hydra Pro HDR Review

Coming soon to the HDR one online magazine! If you’re into HDR photography like me then you will know there are a few different software packages available and a few different methods for achieving the look you’re after. You will also know that there isn’t one HDR software program that does it all. Is Hydra […]