Joining the Smugmug Family

I have made the switch to Smugmug One of the challenges that every photographer faces is where to host your photos, especially if you want to be able to offer them for sale. For me, I like having my images hosted in a cyberspace locker for more than just the ability to sell them, it’s […]

Fuji X-E1 Screen Protector

Expert Shield to the Rescue Every now and then I get an email from someone with something they would like to promote either here on the blog or my Facebook page. You would be surprised that most of the time I turn down the offers for stuff to be sent to me, usually I get […]

Aurora Australis

Prints Now Available! A bunch of people asked me how to get a print of the amazing Aurora Australis I was lucky enough to capture whilst I was on my trip through Tasmania. I am still in disbelief as I process these images that I was actually in the right place at the right time, […]

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis with the Hazard Mountains Where do I start? I have got to say this is the single most exciting time I have ever had capturing an image. This is the Aurora Australis and is a phenomen created by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Sometimes referred […]