How to use the Histogram and RGB Highlights on your camera

An easy and reliable way to check your exposure Using the LCD screen on the back of your camera is the worst thing you can do if you want to check your exposure after taking your photo. Why…? Well, you can adjust the brightness of the LCD screen, artificially making you think the exposure is […]

How to use the De-Ghosting Option in Photomatix HDR Software

How to De-Ghost in Photomatix One of the challenges with HDR photography is the ghosting that occurs when you merge several bracketed images together that have a moving subject in them. One way to fix the problem is never try HDR if something is moving, this is not really a great option, as things move […]

How to make a Panoramic Photo using Lightroom and Photoshop

You can make Panoramic Photos too! Panoramic photos have always been one of my favourite image formats. I owned a Hasselblad Xpan for a while, if you don’t know what that is, it is a film camera that allowed me to shoot panoramic images, one of the downsides with film is that it is not […]

How to use the Rule of Thirds to improve your Photography

Let’s take a look at the rule of thirds and how you can use it to improve your photography. You’ve probably heard of the rule of thirds, it’s probably one rule in photography that’s a good rule to abide by in a lot of cases. And there are times though when you may break the rule. But […]

25% off Topaz Clarity | Coupon Code

How to use Topaz Clarity, a quick Video Demo I am a fan of all the Topaz Plugins. I use most of them and it would be very unusual if I processed a photo without using Topaz at all. At the very least I will use Topaz Adjust to bring out detail in certain parts […]

How to apply Topaz Adjust to only one part of your image

How to apply Topaz Adjust to only one part of your image Welcome to my brand new show, Ask Ben. This is the show where you get to ask any question you like and I will try and answer them! Why did I start ‘Ask Ben’? I get asked a lot of great questions, and […]

How to Photograph Waterfalls

What settings to use, several tips and some traps that you need to watch out for. I was asked by one of my followers on Facebook to explain the settings I used to capture the image on the right so I thought it was a good idea to put together a video that will show […]

Cahill Lights

An image from the Shangri La (and a how to video) I took this during my stay at the Shangri La in Sydney. This is one image with the Nikon D800, 36mp is real handy when you want to create a panoramic photo from just one image. I decided to make a quick video (and […]