Beer glorious beer!

Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world! Only to be pipped at the post by tea… who would have thought that tea was a more popular drink than beer? Here’s a few weird facts about Beer… 1. Beer was often used as medicine in the medieval times, I still think it is today for some! […]

I went to Church!

If you know me, I am not religious and I am unlikely to head into a church for any other reason than a friends wedding, christening, a funeral or as in this case… to take a photo. The one thing I love about churches is the Architecture, this church is a classic example, it is […]

A Rainy Morning in the Hunter Valley

I was staying at the Hunter Valley for the weekend and was hoping that this morning I would get some nice weather so I could get out and about before heading home and take a few photos. I was up about 30 mins before sunrise and heard the rain teaming down outside. I decided to […]