Pixel Chatter Image Critique Session

Live Saturdays 8:30am Sydney Local time! That’s friday afternoon for most of the USA and Friday nights for the UK. It’s hard to find a time zone that works for everyone, hopefully you can make it to the live session! If not, YouTUBE records it and makes it available as a replay after the live […]

2015 Australian Weather Calendar

Proud to be one of 13 Photographers out of 800 selected to be in the 2015 Australian Weather Calendar I haven’t entered many photo competitions. I don’t know why, it has never really been a priority for me. I find a lot of photo competitions to be popularity contests, and find myself being invited to […]

Lens Rental Australia Wide

I am excited to announce my brand new Australia Wide Lens Rental business, Oz Lens Rental Over the years, I have heard photographers comment on how much they would love to be able to try each and every lens possible. Let’s face reality, buying all of them, well, would be out of most peoples reach. Nikon have […]