What is HDR?

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” Sometimes your photographic subject will have areas from very dark right through to areas that are so bright, it is hard to look at them with the naked eye. Until HDR was discovered and created as a photography technique, a photographer would have to make sacrifices in the image […]

Using the LEE SW-150

LEE SW-150, Some Tricks and Tips I have been using the LEE SW-150 for some time now and I have learnt a few things… some the easy way, and unfortunately, some the hard way. I am going to put together a page dedicated to this filter kit and share with you my thoughts and hints […]

Happy Australia Day

Proud to be an Aussie! Today is the day we fire up the BBQ and cook some Lamb! I am going to sneak some chicken and beef on there too…. plus I have a plan of cooking up some garlic prawns! We’ll have a few beers and a few laughs with friends and family, and […]

The Dig Tree

Flying the Outback – day 2 We woke fairly early and decided to take a drive around White Cliffs. The mounds of white dirt was like ant hills scattered throughout the town, I got out of the car a couple of times to take pics and was really careful as I jumped around. The old […]

White Cliffs.. or is it the moon?

Flying the Outback – Day 1 I have had my pilots license for nearly 20 years, and never ventured further west than Dubbo… my buddy Peter went on a jaunt a couple of years ago with one of his mates, Greg, and he owns a Piper Archer and has thousands of hours experience. They ended […]