What Lens should you get for Landscape Photography?

Lenses for Landscape Photography One of the most common questions I get is ‘What lens should I use for landscape photography?’. In this article I explain what lens I use 90% of the time and why. I’ll also explain the other lenses for landscape photography I use when out in the field. Wide Angle Lens […]

Sydney Sunrise Panoramic

Taking Panoramic photos with my Tilt Shift Lens I have to be honest, I have struggled to get up early enough to catch the sunrise. During daylight savings sunrise is super early, and it is disappointing when I get up early and the sunrise is a fizzer! Especially when this has happened to me several […]

Remarkable View

Skipped a Beat Every now and then I miss a day with the blog. My intention is to post something every day, but sometimes… it just does not happen. I think I have been distracted by ‘The Voice’ – I usually do not watch very much television, I do enjoy watching some of these amazing […]

First Xpan film Exposed

Film Scanning It is kind of cool, I went to the lab to pick up my first roll of developed Fuji Velvia 50, and when I got the the lab, Dali (the guy that developed my film) was there to greet me, he placed my film on the light table and gave me a loupe […]