Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is here! Today is the first day of summer in Australia, Yesterday in Sydney where I live was 40 degrees Celsius… and today is supposed to be hotter! I must admit though, I prefer hot over cold… I remember visiting Calgary in Canada once and it was minus 18c… too cold for me! Today’s iCandy […]


Photography Hot Spots One of the challenges every photographer will face, is what do I take a photo of next?? No matter what your style of photography is at some stage you will hit this hurdle. For me, I am always looking for cool and interesting locations to shoot landscape photography, and whilst google maps […]

Toe the Line

Why do we say what we say? Sometimes I will hear a saying and wonder “where did that come from?”, for example, the rule of thumb apparently originated back in time when it was okay to beat your wife, as long as what you hit her with was smaller in thickness than your thumb… there […]

The Good Ole Days

Best Beginner DSLR I get asked this question alot… what is the best camera to kick off with? Well, just about every manufacturer makes a camera that is perfect for the beginner. Before you blow your hard earned on something that may become a paper weight, I have a few tips. 1.If you have a […]

Cell A24

Only 2 facebook ‘Likes’ to go! We only need 2 more likes to go and I will be giving away two 12″ x 18″ signed prints! So that means only 2 more people get the chance to win so make sure you share this with your friends and family on Facebook. What do you have […]

Praying for Freedom

OnOne Software have some Freebies! It isn’t often that you can get something for free, but onOne software are bending the rules and doing just that! Before I go any further, I do not have any affiliation with onOne nor do I get any financial reward or benefit from them for mentioning their software. I […]

Nikon versus Cannon…

Happy Easter! I trust the Easter bunny was kind to you and left you with stacks of Chocolate to enjoy! Easter to me is a little like Christmas, besides the religious significance of these two occasions, I find the opportunity to hang out with family and friends enjoyable, maybe it’s the chocolate, or the alcoholic beverages that just […]

Life in the Stocks

Canon set to release another Full Frame Camera The 5D mark III is expected to go on sale for over $4000. The new 5D only has a 22mp sensor whilst the Nikon D800 has 36mp and has a RRP almost a grand less! JB Hi Fi are said to have significantly cheaper prices than other local […]

Another One Off The Bucket List

La Nina Gone! According to the Bureau of Meteorology, La Nina, which has been responsible for the conditions that have contributed to flooding and heavy rainfall in Australia during the past two years have all but disappeared from the Pacific region. I know that on several occasions I have had to cancel plans due to the wet weather […]