What Lens should you get for Landscape Photography?

Lenses for Landscape Photography One of the most common questions I get is ‘What lens should I use for landscape photography?’. In this article I explain what lens I use 90% of the time and why. I’ll also explain the other lenses for landscape photography I use when out in the field. Wide Angle Lens […]

7 Must Have Tools for Landscape Photography

As a landscape Photographer there are several ‘Must Have’ tools in my books. These tools will increase your success as a landscape photographer and while also making it more enjoyable and  your life easier. Check out the seven tools for landscape photography I consider as the bare minimum required for getting great results. 1. Sturdy Tripod […]

How I find my Photography Locations

Hunting for locations in an unknown area is not always easy, I have been asked a few times how I go about finding my locations. Here’s 6 of my tricks. try them out for yourself. 1. Google Images – I type my location into google and click on the images tab to see what comes up, if I see something I like then the hunt starts. Click on the image and see if it leads you to a location, sometimes it is very difficult to do, and doesn’t work at all, other times it leads me to magical locations… I call it pot luck!

Topaz Studio – A Free Photo Editor

A little while back, Topaz Labs contacted me and asked if I want to be involved in a beta group for a new product. I already have a love affair with the Topaz Labs plugins that work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, in particular, Topaz Adjust. So I thought “why not?” and promptly raised my hand to be involved.

Pixel Chatter Image Critique Session

Live Saturdays 8:30am Sydney Local time! That’s friday afternoon for most of the USA and Friday nights for the UK. It’s hard to find a time zone that works for everyone, hopefully you can make it to the live session! If not, YouTUBE records it and makes it available as a replay after the live […]

How to photograph fireworks

If you are new to DSLR photography you might be amazed by how easy it is to capture fireworks and how good the results are even in automatic modes. However, if you are an experienced DSLR photographer you are probobly looking to push the art of photographing fireworks to extraordinary spectacular places by going deeper […]

8 Must Know Tips for Printing Your Photos

What Every Photographer Needs to Know About Printing Photos If you are serious about showing off your ‘wow’  photographs and are looking towards hanging them in galleries or selling them to be framed in a place of pride, you need to think beyond your camera and computer screen, and consider printers, paper and frames. You may want […]

How to do Macro Photography

Get up Close and Personal Macro photography is the art of capturing the fine detail of very small subjects that may not even able to be visible to the naked eye. These images can be blown up, maybe even to billboard size. It produces those awe-inspiring shots where the viewer looks right into the eyes […]