How to organize your images in Adobe Lightroom

Getting the most out of Lightroom [and keeping yourself sane] Adobe Lightroom may not have been a full revolution for photo editors and photographers, but it has been a fair shake of the stick. Unlike Photoshop that requires a lot saving of big files and can be heavy on your system, it works on previews […]

5 Gadgets Every Landscape Photographer Should Know About

You need Photography Gadgets! There you go… If your ‘other half’ asks “Why are you buying all these gadgets?” Tell them I said you need em! There are a lot of gadgets on the market targeting landscape photographers and many of them deserve a place in your kit. Some of them you can definitely do […]

7 tips for photographing people

How to improve your people photos… Photographing people can be an absolute joy or bring disappointment. You don’t need a lot of equipment or fancy set ups to get those shots, but you do need some basic grounding in using light and gesture. Then its a matter of practice combined with experience and instinct. I […]

Best Lenses for Portrait Photography

How to pick your portrait lens… There is no one best lens for portraits, it all depends on the situation, your camera, your shooting style and your artistic vision. Some photographers will choose a mid-to-long lens zooms, others will choose mid-range prime lenses and a few prefer macros. While the expensive brand lenses usually guarantee […]

What every Photographer needs to know about Depth of Field

Understanding Depth of Field Depth of field refers to the range of distances that appear sharp in your image. It is the precise area in front of and behind the subject that will appear sharp and hence the focal point of the photograph. Some images may have very small zones of focus with a blurred background […]

These Graphics Show You How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Affect Your Photos

It seems to be the year of the Photography Infographic! I have seen so many infographics floating around the net, and rarely are they helpful. However, when it comes to understanding the exposure triangle we can all do with a little help in the beginning. The graphics here are both very simple, but give you […]

Ten tips on how to hold your DSLR camera

So, why is holding your DSLR camera correctly important? Many photographers spend thousands of dollars on fast lenses or the latest cameras, and then dedicate themselves to mastering fancy settings and speeds, yet they never take a few minutes to think about the way they are holding their camera and how that affects their images. […]

13 Tips, Settings & Techniques that every photographer should know

Whether you’re new to photography or have been honing your skills over a number of years, these 13 tips will help you to improve your photography! 13 things that are important to achieving great looking images and to keep growing as a photographer. 1. Hold your camera right. Sounds simple… but holding your camera correctly is very important. […]

7 mistakes you’re making that cause blurry photos

Blur is fuzzy sections or streaky lines across your image usually indicating some kind of movement, whether from the photographer or the subject at the time shutter was pressed and the photograph was captured. Understanding what causes your images to come out blurry is the first step to eliminating the problem- or perhaps a move […]