Google Plus Worldwide PhotoWALK

Sydney 2nd Anniversary Worldwide PhotoWALK In 3 weeks Google will be holding the second worldwide g+ Photowalk, this is a chance to get out and about with other photographers, not just in your local area, but on a world wide scale, take pictures and then share them on Google Plus for the rest of the […]

Loving Topaz Clarity

What is CLARITY? Topaz Labs have really come to the party with this plug in. I have been using the Topaz Labs plugins for a little over a year now and my favourite Topaz Plugin is Topaz Adjust, although they’re all good! I think you can save around $250 if you take the complete plugin […]

The Chinese Photographic Society of Australia

HDR Presentation Tonight! Tonight I am guest speaker for the Chinese Photographic Society of Australia (CPSA). I am doing a presentation on my HDR workflow and I am going to show them how I achieve the clean and realistic HDR results. I am also going to give them a sneak peak at a lightroom process […]

Wet and Vivid

It may have been raining, but it was still VIVID! The Vivid Sydney PhotoWALK on Sydney was a lot of fun despite the rain, I thought we may see a break in the rain, and I think we did just after midnight! When I realised we were going to be wet, I was actually happy […]

D800 Time Lapse

Using the D800 for a Time Lapse 15 minutes of Vivid squashed into just over a minute! I don’t use the D800 for time lapse photography very often, in fact, I don’t often do time lapse photography. Last year I struggled to capture the Vivid event in a photograph, due to the nature of the […]

Vivid Sydney Photography Tips

Take better Vivid Sydney photo’s Are you thinking of heading out to photograph Vivid Sydney? Maybe you have already tried and you were disappointed with your results. Here are my top tips to help you make the most of this funtastic festival and create images you’re proud to share! 1. Use a Tripod The first […]

Sydney Vivid First Look

Vivid busy with Saturday Night Crowds I headed to the city last night to check out Vivid, as I drove into the city I was kicking myself as I could see that it was extremely busy and realistically, I should have thought this through a little more… anyway, I weaved my way through the city […]