Two Black Swans

A misty morning on Lake Burley Griffin I am going to start by giving you a ‘Heads Up’… You’re going to see a lot of VIVID Sydney Pics on my blog and social media pages over the next 2 weeks. I really enjoy shooting VIVID and will spend a fair bit of my time in […]

The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

Natures Curve Ball I love the unpredictability of Nature, even though it can be wild, dangerous and damaging, the weather can surprise us with something we did not expect. On this day, It was grey and the cloud cover was thick on the horizon, and normally, this would mean that the sunset would be a […]

The Lone Surfer

The D800 and Landscape Photography I don’t know much about medium format cameras as I have never used one, I did get the chance to look over the shoulder of a fella that had used the pentax 645 super dooper 80 megapixel hugenormous digital camera… (I think I just made up a new word or […]