To Smugmug or Not… that is the question!

Since starting this blog some 2 years ago, I have tried a couple of different option for hosting photos online. I started with an Australian company called Photomerchant, they were good but limited, and after reading other reviews and seeing people like Trey Ratcliff utilise Smugmug (and promote it) I thought I would give it a go.

To this day, I am not even sure why I wanted a separate place to hang all my photos, when I have a perfectly good place here on the blog, sure, you have no option of buying a photo through the blog, but to be honest, I am not in this to become the next Ken Duncan, if I had to rely on my Photography to feed the family and pay the mortgage, we would all live under a bridge somewhere and be very skinny!

I received an email from Smugmug this weekend reminding me my subscription was up for renewal, and I didn’t even have to think twice about whether or not I would continue, so my account with them is now officially shut!

The good news is that you can still see all my photo’s here on the blog, and also on my Facebook page. Any photo on the blog can be clicked on for a bigger version and you can zoom in and see all you need to see! I also categorise all my photo’s on the blog, so you can use the menu on the right with all the catagories or the search box in the top menu bar.

The other benefit of viewing my pics here on the blog, is I spend time to write a quick story and article for each shot, and sometimes I include shooting data so you know what settings etc I used to get the shot.

I am not saying that Smugmug is not a good solution to hang all your photo’s up, it just doesn’t suit me at the moment. If you know me just a week bit, that could change at any time and I could be blogging about why I re-opened my smugmug account anytime soon…




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