Happy Friday the 13th!

Some think today is unlucky

Are you superstitious..? today is supposed to be a day for bad luck, and I am sure anyone that had something bad happen to them today will put it down to the day/date… I actually had a really good day, my new tripod was delivered and it is a beauty! I will give it a run in the morning.

I have decided to create an image of every beach on the northern beaches. I am going to use a 2:1 panoramic ratio I think, I may use 3:1 in some cases depending on the circumstance, my goal is to try and keep to one aspect ratio so I have a series all the same size…

Also, I have had a few people ask how they can order a print from me, remember you can click on just about any image in this blog and it will take you to my portfolio site to place an order, you can also browse through my photos at http://benfewtrell.photomerchant.net/categories

The Daily Pic – CloudBreak

As far as sunrises go, it was terrible, it was grey and pouring rain, so I decided to go for a drive to find new spots for my next trip into the city… as I was driving along I noticed the break in the clouds and it created a spotlight on the city, I had to pull over and capture it…

Weather Photography

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